Lt. Governor John Carney with Delaware Division of Fish & Wildlife Director Pat Emory and Vice Chair of the Delaware Fish & Wildlife Advisory Council, Ed Montague on pheasant hunt at the Marshtown Preserve with Bobby Burris the Preserve Manager.






We take great pride in preparing our fields for upland hunting.

Arnold Palmer once said, “The difference between a putting green and the golf course is the walk.”

We believe in creating the best experience in a natural setting that reminds our hunters of the great wild bird hunts of the past. The ground and cover are very important parts of the Marshtown Preserve.

The Delmar club has almost 5,000 acres of land in the Dover area under lease, the Marshtown Preserve has the opportunity to select the very best locations for our upland fields. We choose scenic locations that offer challenging topography. The fields are taken out of agricultural production and specially planted for this purpose. They are maintained with the needs of upland hunter in mind. Knee-high crop stubble is interspersed with strips of sorghum and millet along with standing corn to provide plenty of perfect cover for game birds. Success!There are sections of natural cool season grasses along hedgerows and woods to provide you with diversified cover. Upland shooting should be a sport and a challenge. You'll have plenty of chances to test your shooting skills and the birds will have ample opportunity to elude you.

Each field contains approximately 40 acres of cover on farms ranging from one-hundred to three-hundred and fifty acres. They are spread out so each party will never have to hunt with another.

The fields are cut in strips so dogs can be easily seen; yet birds can find adequate cover. Our birds are mature and good flyers. Many times people spend a great amount of time and money just trying to find somewhere to hunt and something to hunt. You are guaranteed to see
birds in good numbers and quality. Our goal is to provide the hunter a safe and enjoyable hunt. What better way for a young hunter to enjoy his first hunt with a family member or a friend and getting to enjoy himself, shooting his first game. It is truly a gift.

Marshtown – A big field located between two farms containing a total of 680 acres. This farm is located next to the Little Creek State Wildlife Area. The six planted sections are each wide enough for four hunters to walk abreast and each one of these planted sections are 2,900 feet long. There are several breaks in the cover to slow running birds.

White Oak – Is a 300 acre farm with two very long sections of milo along two tree lines with a few sections of standing corn. This field is perfect for a small party, but be prepared for a long walk. The milo is planted very dense to minimize running birds.

Clubhouse - Is located on our Home Farm which is 210 acres. The close proximity to our lodging and the Upland Clubhouse makes this a popular location. Approximately 55 acres is planted in a mix of cool season grasses, barley, corn and grain sorghum. An additional five acres is planted in a very light cover. The dense woods that surround this property on three sides and adjacent Little River, makes this a very challenging hunt.

Mifflin Farm - This is a 20 acre field planted in milo. It features trees on two sides and a strip of cool season grass along the outer edge. It opens to a very large field containing 150 acres. The field is always planted in milo and the cover is fairly open. Typically the crop in the adjacent field is harvested prior to hunting season and we can drive to this remote location. This field is located close to the Delaware Bay and on clear days you can look across the marsh and see ships traveling up the river.