The undersigned hereby acknowledges and agrees that:

Hunting is inherently a very dangerous activity. Risks include (but are not limited to) accidents, injury or death from:

  • The weapons of the undersigned or other hunters.

  • Strenuous physical activity which occur during hunting.

  • Natural or man-made cover.

  • Transportation between the clubhouse and the hunting areas.

The undersigned will hold Andrew W Smith, Delmar Waterfowl LLC and its employees and guides completely harmless and waive all claims for liability for any injury, accident or death resulting from any cause, whether natural or man-made.

In the event that the undersigned causes, or is alleged to have caused an injury, accident or death to another person or damages another person’s property, then the undersigned hereby agrees to indemnify and hold harmless from any claim against Andrew W Smith, Delmar Waterfowl LLC, its employees or guides.

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This form must be signed and returned before hunting.

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