Georgian Style Upland Plantation Hunting

***New for 2012-2013***

Marshtown offers an authentic plantation-style upland hunt. Join us for an unforgettable hunting experience as one of the only lodges that offers this style of hunt in the Mid-Atlantic States. No need to travel to Georgia or Alabama. Many of our birds are raised here on the farm and liberated (not planted) prior to your hunt. In this way the birds tend to covey upon an early release, quickly becoming acclimated to the habitat and therefore flush and fly as well as any wild birds.  

Your hunt takes place from a custom-built wagon pulled by a team of Spotted Draft/Morgan Cross horses. They are a very quiet and impressive team standing 16 hands and weighing 1,200 pounds each. They are Amish broke that started life in Ohio on a farm.  But this painted team was just too handsome to be stuck pulling hay wagons.  Our drafts are a 10 year old mare and 8 year old gelding (full siblings) that have been well exposed to gunfire and considered very safe.  Your party includes a guide on back of a Tennessee Walking horse that will handle the pointing dogs in the field and a driver responsible for the wagon and the flushing/retriever dogs. Our new stable is located next to the Inn, where your guide will meet your party.

Most of that flushing duty will fall to Jimi, a five year, black and white old English Springer Spaniel that twice finished the National. He is a gentleman on the wagon and one of the nicer flushing dogs you will have the opportunity to meet. For safety reasons, a second staff-person will be on the wagon since the driver can’t dismount while the team is hitched.

These gentleman guides are present to ensure every detail of the hunt is perfect. The wagon is a recently renovated “hitch” style with large rubber tires to smooth the ride and cushioned bench seats for comfort.   The seats are positioned over dog boxes since it is often necessary to bring as many as four dogs on the trip. There are step-stairs with a railing leading to the ground with a gun rack and cooler area in the rear for storage.   

The hunt takes place over three adjacent farms on 800 acres.  The wagon trail follows wood and brush lines, hedgerow and cut crops along with grass pastures with fields planted in thick tall cover. We pass freshwater ponds, tidal ditches and the marsh overlooking a Federal Wildlife Refuge. We travel over a stream and though a forested area depending upon the route we choose.  The trip is 5 to 6.5 miles and can be covered in approximately four hours. The wagon will generally follow the guide on horseback who will be watching the pointers.  The pointers are very steady and are broke to wait for the hunters on the wagon to disembark.  Our flushing dogs will get the birds up which can be singles or coveys. The flushing dogs are steady to wing, shot and fall and will not retrieve until released.

The accommodations and food complement this hunt making it a truly exclusive experience.

Your visit includes:

  • This hunt is designed to accommodate up to 4 hunters and includes overnight accommodations at the Historic Inn at Marshtown which sleeps up to 7 comfortably

  • Continental breakfast

  • Release of up to 50 birds on the day of your hunt

  • Guided hunting with the assistance of professionally-trained dogs and their handlers


  • 10 hunts per year

Cost: $1,500 or $375 per hunter inclusive of gratuities

There is no license requirement in Delaware for this type of hunt and we are open on Sundays. We have many options to customize your stay and even combine it with guided goose, duck or deer hunt. Hunters can choose between Chukar, Hungarian Partridge, Ring Neck Pheasants or Bobwhite Quail. We recommend Chukar due to the great flushes and relatively straight flight.