What to Bring


Some of the fields you can be walking through are not manicured; they have briars and some wet spots. A sturdy canvas or hunting trouser is what you want. Your guides will be wearing walking boots, jeans, flannel and a jacket dependent on the day. Some type of orange clothing is required during hunting; this may be a hat, vest or shirt. Temperatures range considerably, so be prepared. A shirt or sweat shirt combined with a light jacket allows you to adjust layers as the temperature changes. Shooting glasses are recommended. They protect your eyes from brush, accidents and, depending on the color, can at times enable you to pick
up the bird faster. Bring ear plugs or muffs. Bring a quality shears or scissors if you intend to clean birds--it helps. Also, plastic bags if you're transporting the birds. We have these in stock, but always appreciate our hunters bringing their own. We provide a clean well-lighted spot to clean birds. Below are some check lists that people have used in the past.


Waterproof hunting jacket. Be prepared to dress in Layers. Temperatures vary from 10 to 75 degrees.

Waterproof hunting boots (Be sure to have them broken in to avoid blisters).

Waterproof pants and canvas front pants.

Waterproof gloves/shooting gloves.

Protective Eyewear.

Blaze orange shooting shirt/coat/vest and cap.

Gun case.

Gun (12 or 20 gauge, recommended).

Shotgun shells in a small size (number 7 or 8’s are good for quail while 4,5 and 6’s are good for pheasants).

Camera, batteries and film.

Wool or Leather Gloves.

Heavy coat in cooler months.